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1. 9012 Gender Differences.

Explanations for basic personality differences between males and females have ranged from ridiculous to serious, from religious to scientific, and from personal to cultural. Also, these differences are demonstrated in innumerable ways. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
  • Pages: 4
  • Bibliography: 5 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9012 Gender Differences.doc
  • Price: US$35.80

2. 9013 Gender Issues And Third Gender Problems.

This six-page undergraduate paper discusses gender from anthropological perspective and finds out how transsexuals are treated in different societies of the world. While males and female may fight each other over who is stronger, they are the fortunate ones for they belong to two accepted genders but for transsexuals adjusting to the norms of restrictive societies may not be easy as they are not considered a part of the social fabric in many cultures of the world. 6 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
  • Pages: 6
  • Bibliography: 5 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9013 Gender Issues Problems.doc
  • Price: US$53.70

3. 9014 Gender and Suicide: In Active Military Duty: Research.

This twelve-page undergraduate paper focuses on the gender and suicide attempts in active military duty. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among active-duty soldiers in peacetime. This article aims to draw attention to the multifaceted ways in which gender and suicide affect the active duty soldiers. 12 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
  • Pages: 12
  • Bibliography: 7 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9014 Gender Suicide Military.doc
  • Price: US$107.40

4. 9662 The Same But Different.

This four-page paper presents a detailed look at how males and females behave with one another in an informal social setting. The writer spent thirty minutes observing students on campus and recording the observations. Gender differences, and gender similarities are both noted in the paper as well as examples of these differences. There were no sources used to complete this paper. 4 pgs. No sources listed.
  • Pages: 4
  • Bibliography: 0 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 9662 Same But Different.doc
  • Price: US$35.80

5. 8035 The Debates in Gender.

This four-page undergraduate focuses on the debates in gender, specifically in the U.K. Feminism cries that women are treated unfairly. Inequality and injustice exist in the world despite the fact that all human beings are equal albeit different. Women are discriminated against, and the debates go on trying to treat them as equal beings to men, in public and private institutions. 4 pgs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
  • Pages: 4
  • Bibliography: 5 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 8035 Debates in Gender.doc
  • Price: US$35.80

6. 8360 The Social Construction of Sexual Orientation and Gender Roles.

This paper discusses in depth the social construction of sexual orientation and gender roles. It discusses biological, psychological, and sociological opinions of this theory, and concludes that all elements of sexual orientation: biological/genetic, psychological, and socially constructed, are essential to the way in which it operates in Western society, and that growing tolerance for minority groups and opinions will increase the acceptance of "sexual deviants." 9 pgs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
  • Pages: 9
  • Bibliography: 7 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 8360 Sexual Orientation Gender.doc
  • Price: US$80.55

7. 8393 Gender And Behavior.

This seven-page senior level paper discusses the different roles of men and women in the society and how the very concept of "gender" has created problems for people. It is because of social conditioning that men and women view some tasks as more suitable for their gender while they feel they are unfit to carry out the jobs assigned to the opposite gender. 7 pgs. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
  • Pages: 7
  • Bibliography: 4 source(s) listed
  • Filename: 8393 Gender and Behavior.doc
  • Price: US$62.65

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